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Common Myths about Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

There are many common myths still prevalent about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Your hearing loss cannot be helped.

In the past, many people with high frequency hearing loss or with nerve damage have been told they cannot be helped. This may have been true many years ago, but with modern advances in technology, nearly 95 percent of people with a nerve hearing loss CAN be helped with hearing aids...

Central Auditory Processing

Our ability to understand speech depends on our ability to perceive sounds (hear) and our ability to process what we hear. Simply stated, central auditory processing refers to the efficiency and effectiveness by which the brain uses the auditory information received by the ear...

Assistive Listening Systems

The ability to understand speech is negatively affected by factors such as background noise, poor room acoustics (reverberation), increased distance between the speaker and listener, poor visual access and poor lighting. These factors affect those with normal hearing but have a greater effect on people with hearing loss...