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Meet Our Team

At Wilmington Hearing Specialists in Wilmington and Southport, NC, our highly qualified audiologists and professional support staff provide exceptional care for you and your family. From the time you make your appointment until you walk out the door, you will receive attentive service and individualized care from all of our healthcare professionals and staff.

Why Choose an Audiologist?

Audiologists are highly trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat hearing-related conditions from acoustic trauma to tinnitus. Skilled at recognizing auditory conditions, audiologists assist in the process of improving hearing so that you can truly appreciate the sounds of life that many people take for granted.

Audiologists perform extensive hearing testing using state-of-the-art audiology. Our audiologists have both received doctorate degrees in audiology and have extensive knowledge and practice in the field. The health of our patients is our primary concern and we devote quality time with each person that comes through our door to ensure you get the best experience.

Dr. Mary Maddock has been interviewed multiple times about how to treat hearing loss. Watch now!

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Meet the Doctors:

Mary Maddock, AuD

Mary Maddock, AuD

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Deaf Education, Tulsa University
Masters Degree: Master of Arts in Audiology, the University of Texas - Austin
Doctoral Degree: Doctor of Audiology, University of Florida
Board Certification: Board Certified in Audiology, American Board of Audiology

Born and raised in the central Illinois area, Dr. Mary Maddock began her professional career as an instructor of deaf children in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After three years, she returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in audiology. Following her move to the Wilmington area, Mary again returned to school to focus on doctoral studies.

For over 25 years, Mary has worked extensively within the medical communities of Austin, Texas and Wilmington, North Carolina in partnership with ear, nose, and throat physicians to help her patients improve their hearing.

Ranging in age from infants to adults, Dr. Maddock's specialties encompass all areas of diagnostic work including audiology testing, balance testing, auditory processing evaluations, and hearing aid dispensing.

In August 2005, Dr. Maddock completed another milestone in her professional career with the opening of her private practice in Wilmington. She has earned the Award for Continuing Education from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) , and she is board certified in audiology by the American Board of Audiology.

Dr. Maddock’s commitment to excellence is apparent whether she is working with adults or the smallest of hearing-impaired patients. In addition to running her busy practice, she still finds time for her three canine friends Daisy, Brutus, and Cam, along with her hobbies of sewing and landscaping.

Meet the Staff:

Linda Parker

Linda Parker

Linda schedules patients and files insurance claims for diagnostic services that have been provided at Wilmington Hearing Specialists. Linda has worked in the administrative area for medical and non-medical offices for over 30 years. She was raised in Wilmington and enjoys spending time with her husband Mike and son Zach Greer.

Lauren Lane

Lauren LaneLauren Lane is our Inventory Control Specialist.