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Auditory Processing Testing

Dr. Mary Maddock at Wilmington Hearing Specialists provides auditory processing testing. Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a relatively rare condition that affects about 5% of school-aged kids. There is a disconnect between what a child hears with their ears and how the brain interprets the sound. The child’s problem is not hearing loss; rather, the child’s brain is not processing auditory information as it should.

Children with APD may have difficulty with speech and recognizing subtle differences between sounds and words, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe. Auditory processing disorder can be diagnosed early if you know what to look for.

Kids with APD may have symptoms such as:

  • Bothered by loud or sudden noises
  • Behavior/performance improves in quiet settings
  • Struggles with reading, spelling, writing, or speech
  • Difficulty comprehending math word problems and abstract information
  • Has a hard time following conversations

Many of these symptoms are commonly observed in kids with learning disabilities, such as ADHD. Although a child can have ADHD and APD, it is wise to consult with an audiologist to be completely sure about your child’s ability to accurately process what he or she hears. With proper diagnosis and treatment, we can help parents and kids with auditory processing disorder overcome or prevent delays in their speech, language, and academic development.

To make an appointment for auditory processing testing at our Wilmington or Southport, NC office, please call Wilmington Hearing Specialists today at (910) 791-4755 or request an appointment online.