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Wilmington Hearing Specialists
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Welcome to Wilmington Hearing Specialists

The only audiologist in town to trust for hearing loss and hearing aids

Good hearing allows us to live our everyday lives without limitations. Hearing empowers us and enriches our lives so that we can communicate, socialize, work, drive and even relax and enjoy ourselves. Everyday situations can be greatly affected by hearing loss. Participating in a meeting, talking on the phone or participating in a group conversation at dinner can become difficult and frustrating.  Wilmington Hearing Specialists has the experience and expertise to identify hearing problems and address all of your hearing-related needs. Serving Wilmington and Southport, North Carolina as well as surrounding communities such as Jacksonville, Whiteville, and Leland, we provide compassionate care for those with hearing loss including audiology screenings (hearing tests) and the most advanced and discreet hearing aids.

Formed in 2005 by a well-known local audiologist, Dr. Mary Maddock, Wilmington Hearing Specialists is the only private audiology practice in New Hanover County. We have two audiologists and a knowledgeable staff dedicated to providing you with high-quality services and professional attention along with today’s most sophisticated hearing aid technology. It is our mission to help you improve and maintain the quality of your hearing with a wide variety of hearing aid styles from brands such as ReSound, Lyric, Siemens, Starkey, Oticon, Widex, and more.

Don't let hearing loss interfere with your life or relationships any longer. Get back to being active, enjoying conversations with family and friends, or listening to music once again. Let the dedicated staff at Wilmington Hearing Specialists help you hear better today!

Personal Note from Dr. Maddock: “I want to personally thank you for visiting our website. I have designed it for you so that you can get the right information about hearing loss, hearing aids, and other related topics. Please review the site, and I encourage you to call me personally to discuss your needs.”

Improve your hearing today! Call Wilmington Hearing Specialists in Wilmington and Southport, North Carolina today at (910) 791-4755 or request an appointment online.

Insurances Accepted
Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care, BCBS, UHC, Med-cost, CIGNA and others.

Hearing instrument specialists will check your hearing and provide treatment for what may cause your loss of hearing including ringing in the ears, otosclerosis, earache, ear blockage, ear wax, swimmer's ear, or balance disorders such as vertigo. Learn more about the different types of listening devices, digital hearing aids, behind the ear, in the ear, canal aids, water proof or extended wear hearing aids and cochlear implants.